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Featured Blog: A U.K. student’s views on global social issues

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We are society, and in recent years, we have been questioning how government actions will affect us and our future. And so we bare the question: How can we truly become a flourishing global society?

Since the beginning of time, society has been a concept questioned by philosophers, political economists, government actors and the people. What has become evident is that government is making decisions that lead to hundreds of different public opinions. In these posts, I will try to break these down and understand social issues on a global scale.

The social issues the U.S. faces in modern times can be compared to developing global states, as well as developed countries. No social issue can be defined to one country, and so I will be comparing and contrasting many issues around the globe. Whilst comparing, I will also discuss how government actors are trying to fix or, in some situations, not fix the problem at hand.

This blog will contain little personal opinion and bias but more facts so you know what is happening in this world. As an outsider living in the U.K., I have a unique perspective on what affects the U.S. and how the government is doing, whilst also keeping an analytic eye on what is happening in my own country.

As a student who is learning about international relations and social policy at Aston University, I have a strong working understanding of both foreign policy and domestic issues, and so I can create a perspective that most people would not be able to. This, I hope, will bring enjoyment to you readers and debate amongst yourselves and me. You are welcome to ask me any questions on what I write about and discuss topics with me you feel strongly about.

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