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Student Senate offers demands in response to SAP crisis

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The Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program issue has boiled over into Student Senate.

With the state of OUSAP being in trouble after its program coordinator, Delaney Anderson, resigned, members of senate explained what their immediate demands are. These include shutting down the program entirely until an interim director is appointed, referring students to Counseling and Psychological Services until such interim director is appointed and keeping SAP confidential.

Although students who experience sexual assault are being referred to CPS, senate discussed alternatives to CPS during Wednesday’s meeting. It was brought to their attention that counselors-in-residence are not mandated reporters, therefore students who experience sexual assault could talk with them in confidentiality.

Senate passed the resolution containing the SAP demands unanimously.

During the presentation portion of the meeting, senior communications major and Athens City Council candidate Aaron Dauterman came to speak.

Dauterman promoted his idea of protecting students within the city, specifically those who live off-campus who have been fined for having their trash cans in the “wrong location.” In addition, he wanted to raised awareness of how he said the city’s lack of police officers has taken a toll on OUPD.

“I have seen OUPD fifteen minutes off-campus to help pick of the slack of the Athens PD,” Dauterman said.

Another speaker was Jim Schaus, the Athletic Director of Ohio University. According to him, football games average 8,000 students in attendance, making OU one of the leading schools in the Mid-American Conference for student attendance.

Upon the end of his presentation, he took questions from the senate as to how he could better serve student’s needs because in his words, “it’s important for us to serve your needs, so let me know what we can improve on.”

Students asked if the money from their tuition given to the athletic department over the course of their education at Ohio University is a worthy investment

“Yes is the short answer,” Schaus said. “The university doesn’t have a lot of budget to advertise and promote who we are. The money from tuition that is given to the athletic department is a great way to show a wide variety of people who we are as a university, and it’s a great way to keep alumni coming back. So, yes, the what ends up being around 2 percent of your tuition I believe is a great investment.”

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  1. Tyler Daniels

    October 29, 2015 at 8:08 AM

    Schaus is quite wrong about the 2% comment. Students are being charged the equivalent of an entire semester’s tuition just for the athletics program. If one simply Google searches ‘ohio university athletics fee’ they can see that Ohio University is the national example of egregious use of student tuition and that we’re a national joke in that aspect and students aren’t even aware. He gets his very generous pay from those funds so of course he would say it’s a good use of student money. His justification was crap and we needed a roadmap just to follow it.


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