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Opinion: Don’t be a grumpy cat, GOP

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President Barack Obama asked the media on Friday, “Why is it that so many Republican politicians are so down on America?” It is a valid point when you think about it, but Obama did not stop there. He went on to compare the GOP to the culture phenomenon Grumpy Cat, according to a Politico article.

GOP candidates have been ranting that America is sinking, especially Donald Trump, who markets hats for his presidential campaign that say, “Make America Great Again.” This notion, to me, implies that the United States of America is not a great country already.

Is the U.S. the best country on earth? That is a matter of one’s opinion, and I am biased as an American. However, I can without a doubt say America is still great.

As Americans, we often enough overlook our privilege. We are the seventh-richest country in the world, according to Forbes. However, this does not mean we know how to handle our money.

We as Americans are too greedy in regards to what is great because we are overshadowed by our privilege. In some countries, there are children starving down to skin and bones because there is no food on the table to eat. In the U.S. I can walk into a food establishment and see people who fail to finish their food. The food is here we just consume more than we need to survive.

In the United States, I can walk around and, for the most part, not be in fear of being killed. If I am out in rural country land, I have no fears in regards to someone coming at me to kill me. In the inner city, I may walk down the sidewalk peacefully and not be shot. There are expectations to situations like with everything; however, for the most part, we live in an extremely safe society.

For the most part, the United States evolves to what citizens want. We are surely not perfect, but at the same time if there is an injustice people call others out for wrong doings. We have the ability to evolve with the views of a society that progresses with time. Countries abroad do not have the ability to always make changes with a vote or the election of someone to take the ship of the legislative process.

We have a lot of freedoms. Sure, we hear about freedoms, and yes, sometimes they are infringed on like every society in the world. But we can voice our discontent safely. As a nation, people can criticize their own government. If Trump were to talk about Obama as he does in the U.S. in a different country, there would be consequences.

The U.S has characteristics from almost every different culture; we are essentially a big co-culture. As a country collectively, unless you are a Native American, you are an immigrant. We have stole things here and there from various cultures. As our society continues to grow, we will develop through opinions and various different people.

The United States is one of the greatest countries of the past, the present and the future. Individuals should not criticize a country they want to lead. ‘Merica is still ‘Merica, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

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