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Opinion: Being the No. 1 party school does not dilute OU degrees

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Playboy magazine named Ohio University the top party school in the United States yesterday. OU students should not be alarmed because the ranking does not dilute the value of their degree.

Playboy gave the ranking to OU because of what happens around our campus. There are keg-stands, beer bongs, various bars and huge block parties all the time at OU. So what does that say about OU students?

Ohio University is home to a beautiful campus with intelligent students from across the globe. OU has programs that are among the best in the nation; Ohio University is ranked by U.S News as the 68th best public university in the country. The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is ranked seventh best journalism program in the U.S.; OU’s sports administration program for graduate students is ranked number one in the nation.

Yes, OU knows how to throw a party. Most college students do tend to have a good time now and then. However, looking at the Playboy rankings, the average academic national ranking for the top 10 party schools is 71.5 based on U.S. News’s list of best universities in the country. Who was last year’s top party school you may ask? The University of Pennsylvania. Ivy League UPenn is ranked the ninth best school in the country. UPenn likes their alcohol, but at the same time they are an Ivy League institution. I would hire a student from last years top party school, wouldn’t you?

Bobcats tend to be very good organizers. If you are an employer looking to hire someone, you need an employee with organizational skills. Bobcats will bring that to the table. Students throw huge house parties every weekend, but it takes communication skills to organize hundreds of individuals into college houses. Events are planned through social networking and word of mouth. If I was an employer, I would want someone who has communication skills and the ability to talk to strangers and network.  

Employers need individuals who are educated and still have social skills. Employers want results and Ohio University students will give them exactly what they need. The U.S. State Department recognizes Ohio University among the top producers in Fulbright scholars in the country. Who else is on the list you might ask? Try Harvard, Duke, Notre Dame and Stanford on for size.

OU students attend a research university. Ohio University has studies that take place continuously on campus. From what I’ve seen, students are mandated for some classes to participate in research. Communications and psychology students especially tend to work on studies for graduate students and professors many times throughout the course of the year. That research allows professors to teach new cutting edge information. The same information that is taught today will not be the same information that is taught tomorrow. This allows new employees to enter the workplace with new ideas and an updated background in their field.

OU is also home to very distinguished alumni. Notable alumni have experienced the campus lifestyle from NBC’s Today Show host Matt Lauer to president of Fox News Roger Ailes. Our alumni have proven Ohio University is among the best schools in the nation, and the results speak for themselves.

A degree from The Ohio University is valuable. Having the party school persona will not stop employers from giving OU students a job. College is what you make of it, and being at OU will give you the experiences you need to build a résumé that is worth while. Cheers to OU.

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