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Featured Blog: A dialogue on Law, Justice and the Media

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The concepts of law, justice and the media are open ended in their limitless possibilities.

What falls under the law? What is or isn’t legal? When is it okay or not okay to break the law? Is the law neutral? When it comes to justice, many methods of interpretation are applied, and many concepts of justice exist.

Some people have an innate sense of justice. Some see justice as fixed outcomes. Others see it as an ongoing process. And the media? Well, there’s no quicker scapegoat in a society that has an insatiable thirst for information. Communities and groups of people will always need information relevant to them in some way or another, and some outlets and sources will be seen as better than others.

In examining these three concepts throughout the rest of the school year through multiple lenses, be they through current or historical events, I will attempt to provide a fair but undoubtedly biased perspective on a variety of topics related to law, justice and the media.

Now let me make one thing readily clear: what I am doing is in fact journalism, though I’m proposing often clear-cut and definitive answers on topics that many will vehemently disagree with me on. It might be better called commentary to most. Even journalism professionals, debate about the role of journalists in remaining entirely unbiased when it comes to reporting. What many people don’t even consider is that every single person comes in with an inherent bias no matter what. Bias and experience will shape the questions asked, the stories pursued, the answers chosen to be published and the importance placed on the stories’ relevance.

To do this is inevitable. So instead of pretending to be entirely unbiased, this blog will be an attempt to be fair, to be just to whomever is reading it. I hope anyone who disagrees with me will feel comfortable enough to engage with me to create a productive dialogue.

I will not address whatever readers I may have this informally in the future; I just hope this first post establishes where I wish to take this featured blog throughout the school year. Thank you, and I hope that we can reach a better understanding of law, justice and the media together.

At the end of each of my articles, I will include news items that relate to the blog I wrote. Be on the lookout for these, and feel free to consider whether you think they are pieces with good contextual information or if you would have chosen differently.  

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