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Letter: Why I’m choosing Phoenix

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I am choosing to support the Phoenix ticket for several reasons. I feel that they will best represent the students by running the Senate as students rather than politicians. Assuming, since part of their platform involves being held accountable and fulfilling promises, that Phoenix will be a voice for students and do what they can to benefit the student body as a whole, I feel safe giving them my vote. In addition, I believe that logic and reason needs to be reintroduced to the Student Senate. From an average student’s view, the Senate is out of hand. All I see is eruptions at meetings as well as articles and letters about what is happening with the Senate, but I feel that if members of the Phoenix ticket were elected I would likely have a more positive view of the Senate. Phoenix’s initiative to reform the Senate Appropriations Commission is the most important in my voting decision. I believe if a student organization requires funding for a legitimate event, they should be considered with equal weight, regardless of size of the organization or popularity among students. Many organizations need funding to grow themselves but do not have any way of putting their ideas into action or spreading their messages and ideas. Phoenix, in my opinion, offers the most considerate and reasonable perspective on interactions between student organizations and the Senate.

Nate Reese is an Ohio University student. 

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