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Letter: Why I’m voting for Phoenix

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I am choosing to vote Phoenix because I believe in their value system. I believe leaders should be rationally minded people who strive for practical, business minded change that can make a productive difference in our community. I believe that accountability and being student minded are absolute keys to being a student senate and I believe that Phoenix can provide this for our student body. I am in strong agreement with Phoenix’s views on helping to provide students easier accessibility to text books so that general education classes are cheaper and more cost efficient for us cash strapped students. I also am in support of establishing a much more consistent government structure that can provide students with a more efficient and timely allocation of funds for whatever organizations they are a part of. I think the most important part of the Phoenix platform are there values. The core values of Phoenix are Transparency, integrity, legitimacy, accountability, and being supportive of the student body. It has become a sad fact in our society that politicians now use governmental positions to better themselves instead of taking the job to better the people they are serving. I believe that Tony Piccioni and Phoenix are a fantastic organization that will show honesty and serve the people of Athens to the fullest of their ability and will provide the student senate with a fresh, efficient system that will transform our senate back to what it should be, an effective representative of the people.

Andrew Mulder

Mulder is a freshman studying sports management.

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