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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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Several other smaller charges were brought against Kelly, including perjury for telling Judge Cosgrove during a hearing that he had given the state all the documents about confidential informants, but BCI later found a document he had not given them, failure to keep a “cashbook” detailing the money received by him in any official capacity and failure to complete a background check on two applicants for a conceal carry permit which he later approved. Kelly knew both the applicants as one was dating his step-son and the other admitted to being good friends with Kelly.


The defense claimed the missing document was not perjury because it was not purposeful. He explained that Kelly may have missed a document, but it was out of “all the thousands and thousands of pages of documents.” The “cashbook,” he argued, was kept but not in the traditional sense. Kelly wanted to modernize the sheriff’s office and so he kept his financial records digitally.


In response, the prosecution argues that Kelly only began keeping records of the money he received after BCI began the investigation. In some instances, this meant he was detailing transactions that had happened two years earlier.

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