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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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The “kitchen sink”

As the defense attorney liked to call it, the “kitchen sink” charge was the last of the 25 indictments and states that Kelly was engaging in corrupt activity, if found guilty of only two of the 24 other charges. The charge is based on Kelly “paying off” his best friend Pearl Graham — who helped him take the records to the landfill — by giving him money and copper wire and letting him use county property for free and on not providing the car titles to the vehicles he took to McKee’s scrapyard, but still having the ability to scrap them and receive money regardless.


The money was to pay him for the gas he spent hauling the records, the defense claimed. As for the copper wire, Graham admitted to stealing it from the landfill when they arrived. He also testified that the country property he uses— a tool called a Gator and a trailer bed — was only used for county purposes when Kelly needed help. The defense openly called the charge the “organized crime” charge, criticizing the prosecution for throwing any charge they could at Kelly to see what sticks.


The prosecution rebuttaled by attempting to undermine the credibility of Graham as a fair witness. They shared what he said, and Graham agreed he probably stated that “he would dig a grave” for Kelly if he had killed someone.

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