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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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The campaign funds

As for money for the campaign funds, Kelly was accused of misusing money raised during his campaign to be elected as sheriff. The charges include using money donated to his political campaign fund for personal use and not depositing or accounting for money raised during a spaghetti fundraiser. Another charge involved Kelly’s campaign manager Clinton Stanley, who Kelly allegedly told to deposit cash into Stanley’s bank account and later told Stanley to write a check for that amount to Kelly personally.


The defense argued that it was only Stanley’s doing, that he worked alone in stealing money from the campaign. During closing arguments, he claimed that Stanley’s character was flawed because he tried to steal the opponent’s campaign signs during the election, but Kelly stopped him.


In response, the prosecution stated that Stanley would have no other motive to come forward and said Kelly had him funnel money to him through Stanley’s personal bank account. Stanley testified in court that he had written the checks out to Kelly personally, becoming the only witness to claim first-hand knowledge of Kelly committing illegal acts. The prosecution argued Kelly made Stanley process the money through his personal account so he wouldn’t have to claim it as campaign funds.

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