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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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The records

Kelly was charged with destroying records after he dumped over nine tons of materials from a storage space at the Athens County Fairgrounds and at Jobs and Family Services in Lancaster, Ohio — which included records, office desks, chairs and other office materials — at the dump. This was done during the BCI investigation, leading investigators to believe Kelly was doing it to disrupt the investigation, although it is unknown what was in the records. He was also accused of falsifying records. After being served subpoenas in August 2013, Kelly produced both physical and digital records pertaining to any money spent for confidential informants at a hearing the next month. In December 2013, BCI searched the Athens County Sheriff’s Office and Kelly’s home and found records that were inconsistent with the records Kelly provided.


Kelly just needed the space. The defense attorney argued several times that the only purpose of dumping the records was to clear up space. He also clarified that records, after a certain period of time, are typically disposed of in any public office. As for the falsification of records, the defense reinforced that Kelly complied with the subpoena and produced the records.


However, as the prosecution made clear, there is a procedure to clear out records which includes microfilming each document to maintain the record in some form. Kelly admitted he didn’t make sure each record was microfilmed, but instead had photos of the records taken. They also made a point to mention the timing of both events, considering the destruction of records and the alleged falsification both happened during the BCI investigation.

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