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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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The meals

In count ten, Kelly was accused of using the county account — the Furtherance of Justice (FOJ) account — to pay for personal meals, which was not approved through necessary channels. The prosecution provided evidence gathered by BCI showing that Kelly used the FOJ debit card for 144 personal meals, 66 of which did not have the proper records and 10 of which did not have any documentation at all. Just the 10 undocumented meals totalled to more than $700.


There is no legal limits to the amount of meals that can be charged to a county account as long as the meal is professional. The defense also argued that the prosecution cannot prove the meals were not for business purposes, but that the prosecuting attorneys were merely speculating. He also made a point to clarify that several others had access to the account.


It is highly unlikely that many of the meals documented were for professional purposes, argued the prosecution. Aside from the meals that were not properly documented, many of the receipts cited reasons that were unlikely. The attorneys pointed out that he ate at Bob Evans almost weekly.

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