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Pat Kelly Trial: Key points

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The scrapyard

Kelly received money for taking items that belonged to the county to McKee’s scrapyard and allegedly used the money for personal expenses. The amount he received was more than $2,000, according to receipts from McKee Auto Parts & Recycling gathered by BCI during the investigation. Kelly was also accused of stealing money from a cash box in his possession.


The money Kelly received from the scrap metal sales went into an undocumented cash box — separate from the previously mentioned cash box — which was used to pay confidential informants. Kelly testified that he had received information from a confidential informant that agents in BCI have been committing illegal activities and because of that he wanted to keep his confidential informants secret.


No documentation of any confidential informants was ever created or provided. According to witness testimonies of others who previously worked or are working in law enforcement, there is a procedure for documenting payments to confidential informants by using an identification number. Furthermore, Kelly was receiving money from scrap metals sales on an almost monthly basis, and several testimonies noted that paying informants regularly is not a common practice.

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