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AVW Newstime Comedy: OU administrators reschedule meetings for burritos

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After officials from the Budget Planning Council claimed they notified Ohio University’s Student Senate and Graduate Student Senate about scheduling problems for a tuition meeting, Senate leaders are denying messages of any sort.

“I received an email from one representative asking if I wanted to meet her at Chipotle for burritos at 7:00 p.m. on Dec. 8,” said Student Senate member Kaitlin Wilson.  “I told her I had to take my political science midterm at 6:30 p.m. and she just said something about how I didn’t know what I was missing.”  Indeed, she did not know what she was missing, as the representatives voted that night to raise tuition for the 2015-2016 school year. “I thought she just wanted me to try the new tofu or something. I had no idea they were about to have a budget meeting.”

The meeting was originally planned for Dec. 5, but could not be held at that time as members of the Budget Council were busy eating nachos and drinking margaritas.  The aforementioned budget representative presumably sent out Wilson’s email mid-salsa scoop.

Other Student Senate members claimed to have received misleading emails as well. A few were invited to Casa Nueva around dinnertime on Dec. 8 for a Budget Council-Student Senate Taco Tuesday.

“In my reply I pointed out that Dec. 8 was a Monday and the Budget Council just replied back with a list of Casa’s salsa choices,” said Senate member Brad Newman.

When the students arrived to the Mexican restaurant, the Budget Council was nowhere to be found. Newman says he enjoyed his empanada anyway, but he would have enjoyed voting on tuition costs more.

Newman said he was walking down Union Street later that night when he passed a group of Council members standing outside Burrito Buggy. “They were all laughing maniacally and rubbing their hands together. I was going to ask what had happened but the guy who sent out the email had sour cream all over his face and bits of rice were coming out of his mouth.”

Newman’s lack of comment when encountering the Burrito Planning Council could be the reason that higher-ups say student leaders did not voice their concerns about tuition increases. “I can’t be held to blame for this. You try talking to a guy with burrito juice dripping from his hands,” said Newman.

“The Council said they couldn’t have the meeting on Dec. 5, but none of their following emails ever mentioned anything about rescheduling.” said Wilson.

Other emails reportedly contained messages about guacamole, pepper preference, and a survey about whether pinto beans were better than black beans.

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