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AVW Newstime Comedy: Group projects: higher education’s most rewarding exercise

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The semester is more than halfway over, meaning group projects are either well under way or just beginning, leaving many students unable to contain themselves.

“Group projects are my absolute favorite thing!” said sophomore Jeff Fields. “I love working with other people who don’t have nearly the same schedule that I do. Finding a time for us to all get together is so thrilling!”

Due to the overwhelming amount of support for group projects, the majority of the student body has been requesting professors assign more group projects, as they’re such an incredible opportunity to learn collaboration through practical, real life application.

Not only do college students love sacrificing their time outside of class, they also love compromising their ideas.

“I really love when I get thrown into a group of people with completely different ideas than me,” commented senior Gabrielle Hannon. “When we all want to go a different way with the project, that’s when things get exciting.”

“Personally, my favorite part about group assignments is when no one offers to do any of the writing. I just relish having such an important role!” said junior Eli Pollick. “Also, I really love when no one has any ideas to offer up. Coming up with all of the material entirely on my own is so rewarding!”

Other students mentioned how much they enjoy relying on the work of the other students in the group for a good grade on the assignment.

“I mean, when you have to trust everyone else to do their job and do it well, geez, that’s just the best college experience you can get, in my opinion,” said senior Kevin James.

“It’s like, ‘Are they gonna screw it up? Is it gonna be awesome? Am I gonna end up with a shitty grade because of them?’ Who knows? But who cares, am I right? Man, I mean that’s probably what I’ll miss the most about this school. Group projects.”

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