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Opinion: GOP should watch what they say

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“Happy Holidays!” This phrase lights a fire in the bellies in many conservatives.

It’s no secret that the Republican Party is in an ongoing battle to better their image. And now the GOP is in hot water over several attempts at improving the party’s image. Republicans are attempting to reach out to minorities and traditionally liberal groups if they are to gain back ground on a national level. Democrats have done a great job in gaining the votes of marginalized groups, the last two presidential elections have made that much apparent. According to the Pew Research Center among voters aged 18-29, Obama was able to win women, blacks, and hispanics by double digit margins.

So why the annoyance with those who use the phrase “Happy Holidays?”

Now more than ever, they are hurting themselves in terms of what they are saying in an effort to build support.

Just recently, the Republican National Committee showed their ignorance on the subject of racism when they attempted to commemorate the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ arrest.

This echoes a theme that many conservatives like to think is true. Referring to Park’s role in “ending racism” ignores the fact that racism prominently pervades the United States’ societal fabric today.

Now this could have very well been just a slip of the tongue. Most sensible Republicans understand that blatant racism is not a thing of the past.

But the RNC just came out with a shirt proposing that “ ‘Happy Holidays’ is what liberals say” while the back of the shirt reads “MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

What exactly is offensive about recognizing and acknowledging opposing viewpoints? No matter what people say, the United States does not have a national religion, therefore, it is not a “Christian nation” as some might have it.

And what is surprising about these shirts? These shirts actually sold out in a hurry. Maybe it’s not much of a surprise. Alienating a large portion which could make up part of your parties’ base is not an intelligent way of going about things.

Be it over Twitter or through the sale of t-shirts, the GOP continues to do a good job at maintaining a poor relationship with the general public.

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