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Voting members give vote of ‘confidence’ in Senate executives

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Ohio University Student Senate evaluated its top four executives, which resulted in a vote of confidence in the current leadership, and made some changes to the Senate Rules and Procedures.

Senate went into a routine executive session to discuss and vote on their executives performance from the semester. Once out of the executive session, the senate voted to make a few changes to the body’s official rules and procedures.

During the executive session, all of the nonvoting members of senate were asked to leave so the voting members could discuss their level of satisfaction with the current executives. The voting members held a vote that occurs every semester on whether they would like to retain the current executives and each senator could vote yes, no confidence or abstain. As a result of the vote, all four of the executives—President Nick Southall, Vice President Anna Morton, Chief of Staff Emma Wright and Treasurer Austin LaForest—received a confident vote and they will all remain in their positions.

Jordan Ballinger, the Rules and Procedures chair, made a short presentation on a few changes and amendments to the senate’s rules and procedures. The first change is that the official language will become gender neutral so instead of “his”/“her” the language will read “their.” An official amendment changed the name of the LGBT Commission to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Ally (LGBTQA) Student Affairs Commision. The amendment was passed unanimously.

“We are going through we are going to be fully defining the rules to include all persons,” Ballinger said, “so everything will be inclusive.”

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