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AVW Newstime Comedy: Nation captivated by antics of plucky TV character George Zimmerman

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Now in its third season, “The Adventures of George Zimmerman” still manages to captivate audiences around the country. The runaway television success started with a real bang two years ago, and just one episode into the show’s third season, the series has Hollywood insiders begging for its secrets, and a rabid fan base begging for more.

“Last season’s finale was just…wow,” said Fred Tyler of Virginia Beach. Tyler is president of the show’s online fan club.

“I thought it was all over, the end of the show. I could not see how they’d get George out of that mess, but somehow they did it.”

For readers unfamiliar with the series, the show revolves around George Zimmerman, an average Florida man who constantly finds himself in legal tangles after brandishing and occasionally firing loaded guns at people who are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. The season three opener had George being arrested after aiming a shotgun at his girlfriend. As the police arrive at the house to take George away, the enigmatic troublemaker turns to the camera and quips “Not again!” before the opening credits roll.

Hollywood insiders are desperate to recreate the success of George Zimmerman, as the show has become something of a Cinderella story.

“I didn’t see how it would get past season one,” said Tina Finn, associate producer of NCIS.

“I was watching season one and two and I thought, ‘He murdered a child, clearly he’ll be convicted and that will be the end of the series.’ But obviously that’s not what happened. The writers on that show are just brilliant.”

Media experts say the storytelling aspect of the show, combined with the insufferably plucky and likable character of George, are the keys to the series’ success.

“It’s a classic storytelling tool,” says Jennifer Stocker, a professor of media studies at Ohio University. “You put a lovable rogue like George Zimmerman in an impossible situation and then the audience is absolutely delighted when he wiggles his way out of it.”

Stocker compares the character of George to Indiana Jones, a rebel who’s always in over his head, except “where Indiana Jones shoots Nazis, George shoots random people on the street.”

Of course, if you ask fans of the show, the real key to success is all too clear.

“It’s all about George, you know?” says Tyler. “He’s just an average guy, like you or me. It makes me feel like if I shot and killed a child, I would find a way to overcome that too, just like George.”

Tyler adds that he “can’t wait to see how the writers get him acquitted this time.”

“The Adventures of George Zimmerman” can be seen daily on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

 This article was written by Jesse Bethea. Follow Newstime on Twitter: @AVWNewstime

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