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Opinion: Affirmative action or reverse racism?

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Flashback to a few years ago when the only stress was applying for college. Those long and tedious essays, taking the ACT or SAT, cumulative GPA…so many factors played into whether or not a student will be accepted by a university. Ethnicity and race have ended up being key factors for public universities within the past few years. Now that the initial desires of affirmative action plans instilled by universities have been fulfilled, reverse affirmative action has been prevalent and present.

The Fisher v. University of Texas case of 2008 is coming back into play. Fisher is going through the appeals process and had a hearing with the federal appeals court this past week. Fisher’s legal team told the court that the affirmative-action procedure “was unnecessary because the campus had achieved a critical mass of minority students.” Fisher’s head attorney, Bert Rein stated, “the university had no numerical standards.”

Affirmative action is a process that should not be applied to any school or workplace. Having to fulfill a quota is something that a school or business should never have to worry about or attempt. From an education standpoint, there are thousands of students across the nation that have higher scores, higher GPAs, and a better application than other students. However, those other students may be Latino, African-American, Asian, or a female; those students will have better chance at being accepted into a school based purely on ethnicity or gender, even though their scores may be lower.

Caucasian males in this nation are now being completely overlooked due to affirmative action. Affirmative action, one may say, can be referred to as reverse racism. Minorities are being chosen over Caucasians because of quotas, not because of scores, work ethics, resumes, etc. Quotas should not be instilled anywhere. They instill a sense that a business or school needs to focus more on what the ethnicity, race, or gender of a person is rather than their resume or test score.

Affirmative action is already proving to have reverse effects. The longer this process is in place, the more reverse effects the nation will see. This process needs to be removed. Not only is it unjust but it is also ridiculous. It excludes people that are clearly a better choice than a minority. Remove affirmative action and have acceptance processes be based solely on performance and resumes, not the gender, race, or ethnicity.


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  1. Clayton Hamre

    November 15, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    I must strongly disagree with this piece. Do you have any evidence that the “initial desires of affirmative action plans instilled [sic] by universities have been fulfilled”? What are these “initial desires”, in your view?In what ways are “Caucasian males […] being completely overlooked”? If such “oversight” exists, is there any evidence it’s due to affirmative action? What “reverse effects” is affirmative action having? Are you aware that affirmative action policies do not necessarily involve quotas? And what makes you think affirmative action plans are not based on merit? Affirmative action takes into account the disadvantages that women and students of color must overcome during their lives, as well as the numerous advantages male and white students have over other students. A black student raised in a low-income school district with slightly lower grades and fewer extracurriculars than a white student may have easily worked just as hard, if not harder, than the white student to have achieved what they have, considering their fewer opportunities and more difficult life circumstances. Lastly, if you’re so concerned about colleges accepting students not on basis of merit, then how come you’re not also addressing legacy preferences and admissions?


  2. Common Sense

    November 15, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    Affirmative action means that the candidates are EQUAL. In the case of college enrollment, it means that the minority students are just as qualified for enrollment as the “overlooked” caucasian male.

    Additionally, college admission is not a competition. If you meet the requirements, you get an acceptance letter. Anyone who meets requirements, but does not get accepted has a much bigger problem on their hand than affirmative action.

    I’m not even going to comment on the phrase “It excludes people that are clearly a better choice than a minority” This is a racist and unintelligent, poorly worded statement. I’m just going to leave it at that.

    New Political, get yourselves together. David Bly would be disappointed.


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