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Opinion: Technology cannot replace an education

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Our country’s education system is falling behind the rest of the world’s education systems. We are 23rd in math and science, according to CNN, and our tests score are continuing to fall. Questions are raised as to what is the proper solution to our education problem.

Is technology the solution to education? There was a new Windows commercial where a teacher who called himself “old fashioned” is promoting the new Windows tablet with a keyboard for high school education. That seems to be the growing trend—technology to increase education. Technology has opened us up to massive amounts of information, most of which we don’t even know is out there.

At my high school we received federal grants that we required to go towards purchasing technology. Teachers purchased new laptops that had touch screen capabilities. Most teachers utilized their new gadgets. But was there any great difference in class comprehension of the material?

The class was not improved; rather, it just perpetuated what already existed. Good teachers remained good and the technology didn’t really affect their performance and the education of the students, while bad teachers became worse because they replaced things that need to be explained by the teacher with a screen.

There is a benefit from all of us having to this access to information, but if we think that technology can replace everything we need, then we are mistaken.

We should foster a more comprehensive education where the teachers are directly involved with the material they are teaching to the students rather than mediating information through technology. These are problems that need to be addressed due to the failure of our education system.

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