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GSS supports speaker on masculinity and rape culture

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The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) held their bi-monthly meeting on Monday, Oct. 7. At this specific meeting many topics were covered ranging from new members to budgetary decisions.

President Joel Newby began by telling the group how proud of them he was that their committees had been working so hard. The committees are a new institution in GSS this year because of the influx of members, which were approved by Resolution 1314-05.

“I’m always excited about adding new members,” said Newby. “I think we’re on track for having the most members for graduate senate and filling the most departments that we’ve ever had so I’m thrilled about that.”

Vice President for Admission and Finance Ed Gaither also added “we’re filling vacancies every meeting, I’m excited for new faces”

Resolution 1314-05 passed unanimously, and stated that several new members were now a part of GSS. These members include Henry Bedu, Carl Smith, Francis Agbemade, Aarti Ardra and, Alexandra Beauchamp.

Student Personal Association (SPA) asked for funds for Tracy Davis to come to OU and speak about rape culture. Also towards the beginning of the meeting Newby moved to add resolution 1314-06, which is the Resolution to Procure Funds for the Student Personal Association event. Ultimately, the GSS agreed to donate $150 for the lodging for Tracy Davis.

Davis is invited to OU to speak about the masculinity culture and rape culture. During the meeting Newby expressed his support for the bill, which would fund Davis’s visit, and stated that he usually did not strongly support bills.

“The topic is hands down what we need on the campus at this time, and I’m more then willing to support that,” Newby said.

Newby is not the only one in favor of resolution 1314-06. Gaither is also excited to “be part of the conversation.”

“I think it’s time to have a frank conversation about rape culture,” Gaither said, “It’s a hot button issue on this campus and it’s time to strip off the bullshit.”

GSS operates with committees including Academic Affairs Commission, African American Affairs Commission, Governmental Affairs Commission, Graduate Veteran Affairs Commission, Health and Safety Commission, International Affairs Commission, LGBT Commission, Minority Affairs Commission, and Women’s Affairs Commission. These commissions are in charge of helping all graduate students.

GSS also covers topics that are important to graduate students with their best interests at heart (such as daycare and parking) and they are always looking for input. Their website is http://www.ohio.edu/gss/index.cfm.

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