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Roadway improvement projects pop up all over Athens

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Athens residents and students may have noticed the road improvement projects around the city of Athens as crews work to complete the projects before the weather gets colder.

One project was just finished in front of Alden Library at the corner of Park Place and University Terrace. Richland Bridge was also redone this summer but is still having work done underneath of it.

The University Roadway improvement project has been a hot topic at recent city council meetings. The council had to get $45,000 more to compensate for some different equipment that was needed to work on the roads. The asphalt is too thin in some places and not very sturdy underneath. The city had never accepted these roads in the past and once the roads are up to standard, the city will be fully responsible for repairs to them in the future.

Another project under discussion at the council meetings has been the Columbus R.d/N. Lancaster St. infrastructure improvements project. It would fix paving, sidewalks, sanitary, sewer and water lines.

“This is part of a major improvement project on the north end of the city,” At-Large Rep., Chris Knisley said.

Right now it is in its very first stages of planning and setting up. The city has moved to review the amount of money they are spending on this project in recent weeks.

Some homeowners have come forward appealing the appropriation of the money. They have appointed an assessment equalization board to look over these objections to the appropriations being processed for sidewalk repair. The board will be made up of volunteer citizens.

The meeting is at 2:00 p.m. in the city building on Oct. 8. After the homeowner committee meets they will make a recommendation and bring it back to council. After the city council takes into account what the citizens recommendation is, they will decide whether to change anything with the improvement project by adding ordinances or not. Council will then vote on it, which could take several meetings to get through, or pass it and the changes will be made immediately.

The Athens City Council takes these money appropriation issues into consideration on a regular basis.

“The [Lancaster St.] project is projected to be finished up by the end of 2014,” Knisley said.


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