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Married couple brings humor and libations to the Blue Gator controversy

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After standing vacant since 2008, the building that now houses The Over Hang opened for business on Aug. 5 on the first floor of the controversial Blue Gator building at 63 N. Court St.

Last April, the Gator Guys LLC—owners of 63 N. Court St., requested that city council permit a four-foot balcony to be built on the second floor of the building.

After a three-foot balcony compromise was put up for a vote, council granted the request four to three.

“I think there was good discussion. Compromises end up happening. Chris Fahl [Fourth Ward Rep.] is working on getting a stronger code for other people in the future,” Christine Knisley, At-Large Rep., who voted against the ordinance, said.

W. G. Grinders owners Eric Moss and Barb North-Moss have been wanting to open up another restaurant somewhere in Athens and decided to sign the five year lease for the first floor of the Blue Gator building.

The sign out front has arrows on either side of the words “over” and “hang”, hinting that a quick switch would make it the “Hangover”. “It’s sort of a play on words,” North-Moss said. “We have breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays for your hangovers.”

The morning remedy restaurant also serves as a bar and burger joint with a few signature burgers, starting with the Over Hang Burger— a ten-ounce double cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and bacon. “We want people to come and get a really good burger with good, friendly, comfortable service,” North-Moss said.

North-Moss says that the real hits have been the burgers of the week. Often odd-sounding, these burgers are developed by the owners as well as by many of the employees. One such burger is the Homer Simpson Burger. The patty sits on a glazed donut bun, covered with bacon, cheese and Frank’s hot sauce. “About three people came back three different times that week to get it,” North-Moss said.

Other burgers of the week include the Harry Shruman Burger, the Barbieque Bacon Burger and the Sweet Caroline Burger.

But the Over Hang has more than just burgers. The soups of the day and Chicken Salad Quesadilla also seem to be a doing well among costumers.

The restaurant tries to make everything in house and uses local, organic produce as often as possible.

After 10:00 p.m., the restaurant will be 21 and up, with live music and a separate bar menu including a revitalized classic. The Brain Stomper, a specialty drink of the Greenery—a bar that formerly maintained the first floor of 63 N. Court St—is so-called for its appearance when poured over ice.

A few other drinks to try will be the Remedy, an Over Hang take on the classic Bloody Mary; the F bomb, and the Over Hang’s very own ale, Red Eye.

The Over Hang also features Star Brick Art Shows, based out of Nelsonville. The art is for sale and will rotate every couple of months.

“I think it is a cute take on what is going on there. I am looking forward to going there and seeing what it’s like,” said Knisley.

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