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Opinion: Flipping Gun Control on Government

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The government has now visibly lost support from some Americans, with good reason. With so many restrictions that have been placed on citizens, companies are lashing out at the government, both federal and state. These companies are the bold and daring who do not care about any restrictions the government may place on them. Finally, a voice from these corporations that is in unison with most of the American population is being expressed publically.

Thirty-four firearm companies are publicly stating that they will limit or ban the government from purchasing their products. Their reasoning is quite logical: why help or support people who are restricting their second amendment rights? One company stated the following: “If a product that we manufacture is not legal for a private citizen to own in a jurisdiction, we will not sell that product to a law-enforcement agency in that jurisdiction.” Other companies have similar statements in their new policy changes.

Someone finally woke up. If the government can restrict the people, the people can restrict the government. The power has always been with the people; not many Americans realize this. Americans have absolute power to give and take away power from government officials, and it is completely taken for granted. These firearm companies are displaying this power.

Gun control laws have gone completely out of control. They have reached a point where a family cannot own a gun for safety purposes. What the government has yet to realize is that it is not guns that kill people – people kill people.  A gun is an accessory, just like a knife, bomb, etc. Without the action taken by the use of that accessory, the killing would not happen. Once the government finally realizes this, the gun control laws will completely die down. Not allowing a company to sell their product is the most restrictive thing this administration has done.

What is even worse is the reasoning the government uses for placing these extremely restrictive gun laws. Sandy Hook was the last straw for the government. They knew they needed to take action, and they went to the extreme. There is no reason to completely eliminate the firearm market. Because of that, the government has lost support from huge corporations and from some of the American population.  That will not bide well for upcoming elections and policymaking.

The government needs to actually listen to the people to hear what they want, instead of making that decision for them. This will allow “bipartisanship,” something the government has been wanting for a long time. Sometimes, simple logic and reasoning can solve a problem, not the complexity that the government has become.

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  1. Randy Marsh

    February 25, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    This author is being incredibly ridiculous with her accusations on the united states government. While some of their suggestions and attempted practices might be a little over the top, those will be removed soon. The main thing the government needs to do is make gun manufactures and store owners keep records of what, and who they sell to. The majority of illegal arms comes from a small minority of stores and we don’t know which ones because records aren’t required.

    Also in respect to having a gun for safety, having a gun in a situation that someone breaks into your house insures that someone will die in the result.


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