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Opinion: Appreciate the Freedom

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Here in America, many people take for granted the freedoms that have been bestowed on the public.  Citizens have the freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech; the list goes on and on.  What many Americans do not realize is that other countries across the world have not given the immense freedom that Americans possess.

This past week, Iranian officials have raided four newspapers and arrested several journalists as an intimidation tactic.  Keep in mind that Iran has a presidential election this June.  The four newspapers were Etemaad, Shargh, Bahar and Arman. When journalists arrived to work, they found that their offices had been ransacked, files had been stolen and cameras were everywhere. These so-called officials have also arrested many journalists that work at those four newspapers, saying that they have judicial arrest warrants. The reasons for the arrests are still muddled; however, some believe the main reason is those journalists collaborated with anti-revolutionary media organizations outside the country of Iran. The American Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is working with government officials to help free the incarcerated journalists.

This case specifically shows how blessed Americans truly are. Journalists here are able to write pieces on controversial issues, attack the government and not worry about being incarcerated for writing the piece. They even have the CPJ to protect them, especially foreign correspondents. Journalists are able to voice their opinion with little rebuttal or potential action taken against them by the government. America allows all to speak their mind.

Americans, appreciate the freedom our founders bestowed. Write an article or blog post and be proud that no action will be taken against you. Do not complain about having the inability to voice your opinion without a debate or argument that may result. A debate or argument is nothing compared to incarceration in sketchy jails based on unproven charges. Voice your opinion for those who cannot. Be loud and proud.

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