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Democrats, Republicans Vie for Athens Votes

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As the election nears and early voting continues, The Athens County Republican and Democratic parties hold optimistic beliefs about how their respective candidates will fare.

With notable positions being contested in Athens County, Republican Party Chairman Pete Gouladis made clear the party’s outlook on their candidates’ prospects.

“Things are looking up. It is going to be a good year,” said Gouladis.

Gouladis was particularly excited by the outpouring of support and volunteer activity, namely by the Ohio University College Republicans.

“The College Republicans have been working at The Victory Center since August. They have been going door to door, and going to parades,” said Gouladis.

It was this enthusiasm, a noticeable jump in Republican involvement, and seeing even self-professed Democrats picking up Romney signs that encouraged Gouladis and many other Athens Republicans.

Gouladis even predicted that on the heels of scandal, Republican Sheriff candidate Stephen Kane would defeat incumbent Democratic candidate Patrick Kelly following assault accusations.

As positive as the Republican Party seemed about the election, OU College Democrats President Shannon Welch was optimistic about Election Day.

“Generally, Democratic candidates do pretty well,” said Welch.

Welch also noted that Ohio Supreme Court races often go down to the wire, but that she expected Justice Yvette Brown, the only current Democratic judge, to emerge victorious.

Welch was also quite pleased with the great deal of volunteer work put forth by Athenians for the sake of promoting democratic candidates. She pointed out that the College Democrats always work hard for the sake of their candidates, and this year in particular has been overwhelming in the amount of support they have received.

Welch, who was there to introduce President Barack Obama for his speech on College Green, was quite excited not only with the opportunity, but what followed.

“They have been very responsive,” Welch said about students, who flocked to help the Democratic cause following the President’s visit. Couple this with a great deal of left leaning early voters, a past history of democratic votes, and you have an optimistic Athens County Democratic party.

As Nov.6 approaches, and much on the line such as the economy, area employment and environmental issues, Athenians await the results of an election and the two main parties just like where they stand.

Athens County Democratic Chair Kathy Hecht could not be reached for comment on the election.



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