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Trump’s First 100 Days: Kasich speaks out against Trump, cautions GOP

Graphic by Kylie Hulver
Written by Alexander McEvoy
By the numbers:
  • Kasich’s approval rating: 61 percent
  • Ohioans with health coverage due to Medicaid expansion: 692,532
  • Savings from Ohio’s medicaid plan: $1 billion / year
Kasich sticks up for the press and defends Medicaid expansion

This morning on CNN’s State of the Union, Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke out against some of Trump’s behavior. When Jim Sciutto asked Kasich about Trump’s attacks toward the press the, governor stuck up for the press.

“While I don’t always agree with the reporting of the press, they’re vital.” Kasich said.

Meanwhile: Over the weekend, Trump tweeted an attack against the press.

Kasich also touched on concerns over Russia’s meddling in the presidential election. When Sciutto asked how he feels about the current divide in the Republican Party over a possible investigation Kasich endorsed a bipartisan committee to investigate the matter.

“Look, if our intelligence community thinks we need to get to the bottom of this, I happen to believe that a joint House-Senate intelligence committee investigation ought to get to the bottom of Russian hacking,” Kasich said.

Finally, Kasich spoke out against the House’s proposed plan to phase out Medicaid expansion. Kasich called it a “very, very bad idea,” citing the nearly 700,000 Ohioans who gained coverage from Kasich’s 2013 Medicaid expansion.

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