Trump’s First 100 Days: Democrat all-nighter & immigration ban hearing

By Glenn Fawcett (160120-H-NI589-0132) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Written by Alexander McEvoy
By the numbers:
  • Trump cabinet nominees pending: 16
  • Trump’s approval rating: 42 percent
  • Views for SNL’s Sean Spicer skit: 13,583,591
  • Senate Democrats plan all-nighter against DeVos

Senate Democrats are currently making an appeal to any Republican who will listen against the nomination for Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. The Democrats have been rallying since noon on Monday and plan on going for a full 24 hours until noon tomorrow, when the vote for her confirmation is slated to take place.

Democrats need to bring one more Republican to their side in order to stop DeVos’ confirmation. Right now, the vote count is 50 for and 50 against. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to come in and cast the tie-breaking vote confirming DeVos.

Trump immigration ban hearing set for Tuesday

The preliminary hearing for the case that will determine the future of Trump’s immigration ban is now set for Tuesday. This hearing comes after James Hobart, a federal judge from Washington state, ruled in favor of a nationwide halt on Trump’s immigration ban.

The Justice Department is arguing the order has no basis on religion and that the judiciary has overstepped its constitutional authority. The president has long held power over immigration, but this case will likely set the precedent for the office’s exact limits.

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