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Trump’s First 100 Days: the adversaries edition

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Written by Alexander McEvoy
By the numbers:
  • Subscribers added by NYT in Q4 2016: 276k
  • Money raised by ACLU since Saturday: $24 million
  • Students arrested at Baker sit-in: 70
  • Students arrested at 2014 Ferguson Protest: 0
A week of outrage from Silicon Valley leads companies to rally against Trump

Since last Friday, myriad of companies have come out against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The big four of Silicon Valley, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are reportedly penning a letter against the order. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has announced he’s leaving Trump’s business advisory council after a movement on social media entitled #DeleteUber.

This corporate protest comes just in time for their financial earnings calls. Apple reported revenue that exceeded its internal projections. Facebook is closing in on two billion monthly users. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is adding a button to donate button for the ACLU on their venture capital page. These companies are ready to leverage their massive strength from the west coast to enact change on Washington D.C. and with revenues, users and new players entering the game, it doesn’t seem their strength will be waning anytime soon.

Trumps’ boogeyman reports record growth

The New York Times, which has become a favorite punching bag for Trump on Twitter, has reported its best quarter for digital subscriptions yet. Amid Trump’s claims of the Times being a failing media company, the Times seems to be having a digital renaissance in the age of Trump. Trump may be creating a sort of Streisand effect for the media that he rails against so much.

The past week has set the stage for the coming battle between the Trump administration and its rivals. Be they from Silicon Valley, the Senate minority or even within his own administration, Trump has many fights over the next four years and his opponents seem to be prepared for the long haul.


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