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Letter: Students Should Protest Anti-Education Policies

By: Andrew Kirkland Fellow members of the Ohio University community, please hear me out. Our economy is in shambles, many of us are still jobless and the situation isn’t getting better. A war, which is in its ninth year, continues to drain our economy and put the lives of our loved ones at risk. Our university is facing budget cuts of phenomenal proportions and more are on the way. Gov.  Kasich has announced that even our education is expendable as he urges Ohioans not to be selfish. It is estimated that he may cut upwards of 20 percent or even...

Ohio Senate Republicans to Amend SB-5, Drop Complete Ban on Collective Bargaining

After days of protests at the Ohio Statehouse, Republican legislators in Ohio’s senate announced Wednesday that they plan to remove the ban on collective bargaining from Senate Bill 5. Jason Mauk, a spokesperson for Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus, said Wednesday that a group of Republicans have agreed to change the bill’s specifics. Mauk said, “we’ve put forward terms that better reflect the variety of voices we’ve heard.” The new proposal will continue to allow public workers to collectively bargain through unions for wages, hours and work conditions, and instead ban bargaining for worker benefits and eliminate binding arbitration. Another...

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Thousands Protest Senate Bill 5

More than 5,000 union supporters crowded the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday in one of the largest protests of Senate Bill 5 to date. If the bill becomes law, opponents will file a referendum to be placed on the November ballot.


Controversial Labor Bill Hits Close to Home

Members of the Athens Educators Association gathered outside the Athens County Courthouse Monday to protest Ohio Senate Bill 5, the controversial bill in the Ohio Senate that would end collective bargaining rights for state employees.

Opposition Continues Over Senate Bill 5

Demonstrators Monday gathered in Columbus to show their opposition to Senate Bill 5, a bill aimed at limiting public employees’ bargaining power. Senate Bill 5 (SB-5), which has been dubbed “The Union Busting Bill,” threatens to severely limit the collective bargaining power of public unions and eliminates binding arbitration for safety forces. Gov. John Kasich said to NBC4, “I am very optimistic that there will be a meeting of the minds between the people who are moving this bill and our operation, and I think we’ll get there. I feel very good about it.” Kasich said that the bill was necessary. “If...

Opinion: Kasich-Backed Bill Unfairly Targets Public Employees

The debate over the ability for state employees to engage in collective bargaining that has engulfed Wisconsin has now spilled over to Ohio. Collective bargaining, a process of negotiation between unions and employers over working conditions, has recently been a topic of political discourse in Ohio. Ohio Senate Bill 5 (SB-5) will enact a number of reforms, as well as eliminate this right for state employees. Collective bargaining is crucial in balancing power between employers and employees.  No single employee is capable of standing up against the power of his or her employer.  It requires a collective voice to protect...