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Ohio University College Republicans elects new executive board

Photo by Erin Franczak
Written by Erin Franczak

Ohio University College Republicans elected Ryan Evans as its president for the 2017-2018 school year.

In Evans’ nomination speech, he spoke about some of the past accomplishments of the past year. His goal is to increase retention rates for the organization and work toward making the organization more prestigious.

“From what I learned in the last year being on exec board, vice president deals with more interior stuff but the president is more of that external figurehead type position,” Evans said.” And so I really want to one, maintain a professional outlook for our club but two, I really want to emphasize how great of an organization we are.”

OUCR filled its other exec positions as well. Casey Kinsey and Aric Kaskey will serve as vice president and treasurer, respectively. The positions of communications director, social chair and secretary went to Missy Pedulla, Katie Moore and Taylor Richards, in that order.

Outgoing president David Parkhill expressed satisfaction with the group’s accomplishments over the past year.

“(I) could not be more proud of the executive board I served with, the club I had the privilege to lead, and (am) now very confident in handing the reigns over and the potential for future success over to Ryan, Casey, and the executive board.”

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