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Editorial: Student Senate Voters’ Guide 2016

The New Political traditionally does not make formal endorsements for Ohio University Student Senate races. We feel as though choosing one ticket over another would compromise our integrity in covering these campaigns. Instead, we produce a critical analysis of each ticket, comparing and contrasting their platforms in an effort to help voters determine for themselves what would be most beneficial for students. The judgments and opinions expressed in this voting guide are those of the editorial and local staffs of The New Political.

Since 2013, outside tickets running for Student Senate have tipped the conversation of the races toward issues that might have not been addressed otherwise. These were F.U.S.S. in 2013, Restart in 2014 and Phoenix in 2015. That kind of ticket is absent this year.

But by conventional thinking, there really shouldn’t be an outsider ticket for this election. This year’s Senate has been far less controversial than last year’s Student Union-controlled Senate, focusing on reversing many of the institutional changes last year’s Senate made and changing how students interact with the governing body. After losing the 2015 Senate election and the “direct democracy” debate, the Ohio University Student Union has clearly shown it’s moving on from Senate. No one said, “I am not Gabby Bacha,” during the debates like Jordan Ballinger said of Nick Southall in 2014 and Ryant Taylor said of Megan Marzec in 2015.

This year, the two tickets see Senate’s role for the student body as basically the same, meaning this year’s race is more of a debate on what Senate should focus its resources on over the next school year. This is our attempt to get past the chalked advertisements on campus sidewalks and the sugarcoating of both tickets and get down to what they really stand for.

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