AVW Newstime Comedy: Seven new names for the Roger E. Ailes Newsroom

Photo by Jenny Nelson, courtesy of OU Graduate Student Senate
Written by AVW Newstime

ATHENS, OHIO — Roger E. Ailes, one of OU’s most praised alumni whose name isn’t Matt Lauer, recently left Fox News amid sexual harassment allegations. A campus newsroom was named after Ailes in 2007, when he presented the school with a generation donation.

Student Senate discussed the issue recently and whether it was necessary for the school to change the name of the room. In a statement from the Graduate Student Senate on Tuesday, the body said it had voted to “denounce the alleged actions of Roger E. Ailes” and called for an “immediate renaming of the WOUB newsroom.”

So we here at Newstime just wanted to do our part and present a few ideas we had for a new newsroom name. And here we go…

1)    The Product of Wasteful Spending Newsroom

2)    The Pokemon Ball Cause OU Administration Is So Hip Guys! Isn’t It Funny, Kids? Please We Really Need a Win Here Newsroom

3)    The WOUB Newsro…Oh Sh*t That One Is Involved in Sexual Misconduct Allegations Also Newsroom

4)    The Fair and Balanced on the Edge of a PR Disaster Newsroom

5)    The Just Give It to the Athletes Like Everything Else Newsroom

6)    The Let’s Just Call It the Matt Lauer Newsroom

7)    The Title under Construction LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE Newsroom.

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