AVW Newstime Comedy: PolitiFact insists its fact-checking of Donald Trump will bring him down at some point

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Written by Austin Linfante

Tampa BayHard at work checking claims made by political candidates and organizations in the heat of election season, PolitiFact assured the American people today that constantly calling out the lies of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will surely affect the presidential race at some point.

“We know for a fact that the American people will come to realize that Donald Trump is a massive liar, which will lead to him plummeting in the polls,” PolitiFact Editor-in-Chief Dan Aybar said for the 15th straight month. “It’ll happen any minute now.”

Trump currently has 83 statements rated “False” and 42 rated “Pants on Fire” by the site and received the 2015 Lie of the Year award. Despite this doing absolutely nothing to stop him from getting the nomination, PolitiFact says that he will now feel the wrath of the American people after his claim of a rigged election was rated “Pants on Fire”.

“It’s a fact that no political campaign can survive by continuing falsehoods. People love the facts!” Aybar said, sweat literally dripping from his brow. “No one can believe so many lies because they feel like they’re true, right?”

The journalists at PolitiFact clumsily stated that if their Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking can get Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh (who combined have a total of 45 statements rated either “False” or “Pants on Fire”) out of politics, it can work to get Trump out, too.

“Really, it will work out. I promise,” one PolitiFact reporter said while gazing out the window, trying to keep the reality of what might be happening out of his mind in an effort to grasp onto any amount of optimism left in his body.

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