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Currently, The New Political is able to offer advertising packages for the front page, for categories or for run of the site for a 300 x 250 pixel image. Advertisement prices are competitive, but The New Political is willing to work with your business.

If you’re interested in securing an advertising placement for your company with The New Political, please email [email protected]

Ad Policy:

As a nonpartisan news organization, The New Political does not endorse any products, services or organizations specifically political parties, candidates or organizations.

This being said, The New Political does accept advertising from political organizations as a business transaction. All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must include a “Paid for by ___” label on all frames of the ad. It must be clear who placed the ad.

All advertising is paid for in advance, and The New Political reserves the right to accept or decline any advertisement offered. We will decline any advertisement that includes but is not limited to profanity, derogatory language or offensive material as decided by the Executive Board, and we will refund all money for ads we decline.

The New Political values our nonpartisan news as the basis of our publication and will maintain a clear separation between news content and advertised content. If The New Political feels the advertisement blurs this distinction, the advertisement in question may be rejected.

For more information or further questions about the above policies, contact Lindsey Curnutte at [email protected].

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